How can I change my Grade Boundaries?

This article will explain how you can change your tracker's grade boundaries to a different exam series or shift them to adjust the challenge level.

You can change the grade boundaries to a particular set from an exam series that have been pre-uploaded. If you want to make the grades a little more challenging for your students you can also shift them by up to 10%. 

Follow these simple steps to edit your tracker's grade boundaries:

  1. Open up your tracker that you want to adjust the boundaries for. Click on Tools and go to the Grade Boundaries option.Change GBs
  2. Click on Change, and from the new window that pops up you'll be able to change the grade boundaries or adjust them by a set percentage of your choice
    Grade boundaries
  3. Click on Save & Close and your students' grades will be recalculated based on the grade boundaries you've just chosen.

Please, be aware that changing grade boundaries in this way will apply to your whole tracker and not an individual test/unit.

Can I change grade boundaries for a single test only?

Yes, you can shift the grade boundaries of a single test that has been added to your tracker as an Customised Assessment by either ±5% or ±10%. For more guidance, see this article:

However, we are unable to have specific grade boundaries from different exam series applied to individual papers at the current time, but if you need any set grade boundaries added to your tracker just get in touch with us directly over the helpdesk or at